Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Family Circus

Well, for those of us that play 40K, I thought you should know in todays News Sentinel, the Family Circus had an awesome cartoon that talks about young Billy wanting to dress up as "tactical Sgt. Tarkus from the Blood Ravens 4th company in Warhammer 40,000".

Friday, October 12, 2012

Ahhh, October

Well, as the fall comes into season, I start thinking of what I would like for 40K for Christmas....
My wife and I usually ask for gift cards from family and co-workers, so we can go out to eat and catch a movie for a goodly amount of the year.  But, I always get myself something for gaming, so, I need to figure out what I need.  I have another trygon, a box of gargoyles, and genestealers for my nids.  I have more orks than GW.  And Tau, I really don't need anymore until a new codex is released.  As for eldar, those are sold so nothing for them. 
I do need some more Warriors as I only have 3, so I could use a couple of boxes of those...  hmmmm?
This is the 40K Addict.....

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Gonna get my (bug) game on

Well, Tuesday night, I'm gonna bring a 1500 point Nids list to game against a newbie SM player.  I hope I can give him a good game, as I don't want to turn him completely to the dark side...Warhammer Fantasy (LOL).  I will post results.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


Well, it's been a few days (weeks) since my last post, but with vacation and work getting in the way...

Went to Panama Beach on vacation and had a chance to scope out some 40K players from there.  Saw lots of necrons, SM, and IG.  They had some casual games going on Friday night ( a big MTG night there ) as most of their wargamming happens on Sat.  Came back to the promise of getting 40 hours at work with Saturdays off, but, that changed before the end of the week.  :(  So, I missed the tourney @ SciFi City this weekend.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Dark Vengeance

Well, after waiting a while for someone else to do it, I thought I would give my 2 cents on the new box set.
I wasn't going to buy one in the first place, as I don't play chaos or dark angels, but I did want a mini-rulebook and they are going fo $30 on ebay already. So, I figured I would invest the $$$$ to buy the set, get the book and I could sell or trade the rest. ;)

Well, first of all, the figs are awesome, I really love the cultists and the chosen. The dark angels are nice also. The book is great, no having to pack the "tome" around and the how to play/scenarios will help first time players. You get 2 sets of quick reference guides ( 1 on card stock and 1 paper ); a set of dice; templates; and the useless measuring rods. The only thing missing, is the terrain. That's right, no trees, tank traps, barrels, or wreckage.
Overall, I like the looks of the box set, and I think, if you play either of the armies, the figs make the purchase well worth it. The rule book will save having to carry the massive book around and you can never have too many dice and templates. To me, this box set is a hit.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tau Upgrade

Well, got my Tau broadside upgrade kits from GW.   Must say, I'm rather disapointed with the railguns, as they were kind of warped.  I did build one, though, and found that plastic glue works so far.  This is the 40K Addict....

Saturday, July 28, 2012

3rd Place

Well, it was a fun tourney, last week, as acctually 8 people showed up!  The games were kinda slow as we were all feeling out the new rules, but, everything went pretty smooth, as questions were asked and everyone stopped to discuss the rules/answers.  Much blood was shed and it came down to VPs to determine 2nd and 3rd, as Charles and his bugs took a commanding 1st place.  Jason ( greycat ) got 2nd and I got 3rd.  It was good to play Madival, who I've never met before and round 3 placed me against Charles, who I don't think I had played before.
One thing I learned above all, that Ageis lines are gonna be awesome!  Lootas who go to ground, and have a 2+ cover save, and still snap fire!  Since I normally run 2 units of 12-15, thats a lot of fire power to shoot at flyers and opponents and only lose 50% of your already bad shooting. 
This is the 40K Addict, later.