Saturday, August 22, 2009

Space Hulk is here!

Well, started my new job at Sci-Fi City, and when I got there.... Space Hulk! It was played all evening long. The minis are fantastic! The rules are short & sweet, and Gary has claimed the dice, because they roll great for him. We are having Lucky 13s going today, and I'm sure Space Hulk will be played!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The new "IG"

Well, as I said in the last post, I am going in a new direction with my guard. Instead of Catachans, I am going to use them as Penal squads. Going to get a Commissar Lord to lead them. I like the randomness of the penal squads, plus they have a leadership of 8. Of course, I will lack the heavy weapons and special weapons squads, but will rely on my elites of 2-3 units of stormtroopers for the "punch" of specials and tanks and sentinels for heavies. I'm going to use Cadians as stormtroopers as they are cheaper and plastic. Strangely enough, in all 3 games, my opponents feared facing my penal squads?!? I guess it really depends on which special ability you roll for the "desperadoes". Now to get rid of all those flamers! This is the 40K Addict, later.

Change is a comin'

Well, I'm gonna go in a new direction with my IG. More latter.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Thursday's (& Friday's) Results

Well, took it on the chin both days! As noted in a previous post... MY DICE ROLLS SUCK!
I even bought new dice Friday. 1500 pts and didn't have a tank, but, had lascannon that couldn't hit a barn. Lost 2 games Thursday night, both to SoB, and Friday, lost to Cantor and his red fisted boys. I rolled so many misses in the 5 shooting phases, my opponent cried for me! 5 times I shot sentinel mounted lascannon at a dreadnought, and 5 ones! I'm beginning to wonder, is it the dice or me?
On a personal note, I accepted a job at Sci-Fi City and start the week of the 21st. They are giving me a 60 day try out, before making me the asst. manager. I'll be like a fat kid in a candy store! But, it will curtail my playing, so maybe I will have more time to devote to my blog! Less is more!
This is the 40K addict, later!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Thursday's Games

Well, I played against Darin and his massive IG army in a 5000 pt Apocalypse game Thursday. We went at it for over 4 hours and in the end I was the winner 3 - 2. I followed this game by playing my new arch -nemesis, Luke and his flaming, lucky ladies. He wanted to try a new army scheme and boy did it work! I won't go into details, in case he gets to play you, but it is effective.

This Thursday, I am going to play 1500 pt. against another "Iron Maidens" army, but using my IG instead of my boyz. My army will be all infantry, save 4 sentinels.
I'll let you know how it goes, this is the 40K addict, later.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday, Thursday!

Well, have a game of Apocalypse set for today with Darin and his IG forces. 5000 points! We will see how it goes. Going to pick up my deth rolla today! Will post on how the game goes. Later.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Lazy Pt 2

Well, after a long week at work and a 3 day weekend couples retreat with my favorite IC (aka my wife), I am back at it. Thursday night of last week, I got trounced as the attacker by Dustin and his grey knights. He had a good defensive plan and stuck to it. He was, however, helped somewhat by my very sucky deep strike rolls. The warp sucked up my over 400 pt squad of meganobs with mega armoured warboss & my deth copptas! Leaving me with about 1400 pts going against his 2000. Now, to Dustin's great fair play and good nature, he did offer to let me put the nobs/warboss back into deep strike and try again, but, I like to play an honest (painful) game and declined. In the end, I had a good time and thought I might be able to pull it off, but, I only ended up adding Dustin to my book of grudges again! Thanks again to Dustin for being a great sport!

On to this week. Have alot of non gaming stuff to do, so won't be able to work on much, only putting lasguns on my remaining IG. Later this week, I will be adding a deth rolla to my battle wagon, as I won one as a door prize! Thursday's game is looking like an Apocalypse game with Darin and his IG, as he is going to meet me around lunch time to start. I can break out the Stompa again.
Well, until next time, this is the 40K addict, later.