Monday, September 3, 2012

Dark Vengeance

Well, after waiting a while for someone else to do it, I thought I would give my 2 cents on the new box set.
I wasn't going to buy one in the first place, as I don't play chaos or dark angels, but I did want a mini-rulebook and they are going fo $30 on ebay already. So, I figured I would invest the $$$$ to buy the set, get the book and I could sell or trade the rest. ;)

Well, first of all, the figs are awesome, I really love the cultists and the chosen. The dark angels are nice also. The book is great, no having to pack the "tome" around and the how to play/scenarios will help first time players. You get 2 sets of quick reference guides ( 1 on card stock and 1 paper ); a set of dice; templates; and the useless measuring rods. The only thing missing, is the terrain. That's right, no trees, tank traps, barrels, or wreckage.
Overall, I like the looks of the box set, and I think, if you play either of the armies, the figs make the purchase well worth it. The rule book will save having to carry the massive book around and you can never have too many dice and templates. To me, this box set is a hit.

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